Prologue: Thyestes

from by David Avidor and Nicole V. Gagné

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Nicole V. Gagné - Thyestes
David Avidor - Tapes, Emax, synthesizers

departinge from the darkened dens which Ditis low doth keepe
heere I am sent out agayne from tartar dungeon deepe

heere on prynces heads they place the royall crowne
heere in throne aloft they lye
heere theyr courts theyr place of banquetting

nay better to haunt the lothsome lakes
where parched up with burning thirst amid the waves hee sits
and payes his paynefull punishment
the Gods feast hee defilde

how great a part belonges to mee and portion of his crime

this is the olde account I speake

when our detestable deedes were done
and wickednes had wearied us to late truce taken was

the starres are kinges and rule the roste
theyr whirling wheele doth racke us all

I gorgde my brest with my chyldren
the bowels of my babes devowred up

fortune enterprising greater guilt
mee doth deprave to file my daughters bawdy bed

my daughter driven by force of fates
doth breede younge bones and lades her wombe with sinfull seede of myne
a father and grandsyre confusedly I am

in honour of thy natyve day Aegisthus they prepare
the sollemne feast with juncketing and daynty tothsome fare

Agamemnon graund captayne amonge the kinges
returnde hee is to yeelde his throate to his traytresse wyfe
with force of bloudy blade shee shall bereve him of his lyfe

the glytering swerd the hewing ax and wounding weapons moe
with bloud for bloud new set abroche shall make the floore to flow
with sturdy stroke and boystrous blow of pithy pollaxe geven
his beaten braynes are pasht abroade his cracked skull is reven

what shame abashe thee why doubt to smite
thy mother it beseeme

what now nights lynger longe
wee wayght for Phoebus


from AGAMEMNON, released September 26, 2012



all rights reserved


Agamemnon San Francisco, California

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