Clytemnestra, Herald and Chorus 2

from by David Avidor and Nicole V. Gagné

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Vera Beren - Clytemnestra - voice
David Avidor - Emax, clarinet
Nicole V. Gagné - recorder
Phil Minton - Herald - voice
Pauline Oliveros - Chorus 2 - voice, accordion
Roger Turner - percussion

most joyfull was I when I out scand
within the mantel blacke of night
the flames that declared to mee
the heavy wofull plight of Troy

some did say
art thou glad at this
it is a very folishnes of womankind

but to us it is an augur juste and keepes his promise due
my spouse returned is

let sacryfices light the homes all rounde
with garlands greene let every head rejoysing now be crounde

God did spare him all the peril of the broyle

but my husband wil tel it mee
when before the same I doe present stand

why blabbe this long adventure
goe fetch him out of hande

tel him how his lady spouse
lyke a savage wolfe mayntayned hath
the defence of this princely court
agaynst trayterous mallice

tel him how wel shee hath kept
her wedlocke vow that shee to him her husband sware
in lewd and wanton chamber trickes shee spent no idle day

shee did know no abusing lust
nor any mischiefe did shee conspyre
no more than shee coulde beate and worke yron

it doth mee good to gase uppon his noble wyfe
who voyces her mynde so true

what shee meanes is playn to all who wil heare her
but what of our kinges brother
doth hee yet sayle on the seas or is hee come a land

God graunt and geve us better newes then this that thou dost crave

speake out and utter it
the hart with doubted domage greater griefe doth know

Menela and his shippe were lost from vew

what stormes of seas dispersed our captaynes
tel mee the Gods rage that hath our navy spent

thou biddest mee to make report of heavy woful geare
of our shippes destroid by the spyteful wil of the Furies

those hatefull hagges
with theyr toyle they helpe the wynd and weather
the force of fyre and rage of fighting seas

repayring fast from Troy
unto our shippes agayne wee came aboord
ech little hindraunce seemed to much to us in hasty plight
wee did tough our oers to guyde the way
which following on a thousand shippes did ryve

the evening first did burnish bright and paynt with starres the sky
but amounting up a litle misty clowde
came belching out in yrksome lompe and Phoebus galland beames
hee spewd uppon bestayning them
till even the lowring light of Mone was hid and blynd

more nights in one compacted
and then feareful stormes adowne did fall
one uppon another in stronger blasts
with lightning flames and floods tumulting so hye
a man would sure have thought the world did from his center slyde

the shippes agaynst eche other knockt
wherby the other hee did breake and broken was himselfe
one side with other side was crackt helme was rent with helme
and shippe from shippe was taken cleane out of each others sight

although God wot but yll for the others
our barke with hand Hee caught
and fortune did trace us a furrow through the floods
till the roring seas stayde theyr rage

when Phoebus golden beames began a freshe to render lyght
the dolefull day discried all the domage done by nyght
the waters brim bespred about with
the timber and the broken plankes of our scattred fleete
and the torne lims of our men

wee know not the fates of the other vessels
in the waters wyde turmoyld and straying farre

may all come to the good

if God wils to preserveth Menelas seede
then hee lives yet and shall come back agayne to us
from where ever his sayles did reculing flye

your wil was the truth to have
ful wel be sure that now yee have it all


from AGAMEMNON, released September 26, 2012



all rights reserved


Agamemnon San Francisco, California

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