Act 3: Choral Ode 3

from by David Avidor and Nicole V. Gagné

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"Blue" Gene Tyranny - voice, electronics

couching backward downe agayne to her common course
the same shee did arest
to file his hostes spousall bed and to abuse his wyfe

hee did take his flight rapt up with her
but the brydale songe
for his darling deare
was a funerall dirge
for his people for Troy crusshed by force of armes

in remembraunce of revenge the captayne generall
drove after them and theyr offence
a fyry shafte that had to smite home

a lyon babe from its mothers bosome wrast
a man reared it in his home in his clasped armes

that boystous wight
which never yet acquayntaunce had with its owne
was borne a noble impe of dame nature

some jolly worthy lusty bloude thou fosters evermore

and so its rawfed jawes imbrewde were with the mans bloud at last

Troy the fertill tree that apples beares of golde
theyr prynce his honour budding forth with flowre
by fortune were hewed downe and sent to deadly doome

golde is the poysning teate whereof monsters grow
when tewde on by greedy mounching cramming jades

by the brethren twins
him who advaunces him selfe to shadowe the sunne
even the Gods were a number odde before hee was borne
and him with the heavy hande the fyst the clubbed brusing battring batte

the noble gentlemen in honor shyning cleare
with mettall of yellow hew well loden pack away
to trace theyr homeward wayne downe
in darcknesse deepe to lye with the hounds of hell

the good is a lyght whose beams are bright
even for them in poverty shrinking close for colde
in a dungeon comfortlesse without the lyght of skye

the good is a chariot swyfte
that will not trot with slower pace or alter course


from AGAMEMNON, released September 26, 2012



all rights reserved


Agamemnon San Francisco, California

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